You've probably heard it before: "The power potential is located in the rod's lower shaft." This doctrine is often stated by skilled fly fishermen around the world, and is based on the physics around the transmission of force. The blanks on a fly rod is designed to bend and is charged with energy during casting. On traditional rods the handle is glued to the blanks precisely where the power potential is greatest. It goes without saying that a handle that is glued with hardening adhesive to the bottom portion of the blanks inhibits tensioning. This simple fact was the starting point for ArcticSilver’s product development. We wanted to create a rod where the blanks entire power potential could be exploited. On ArcticSilver’s Free Flex rods the handle is not glued to the blanks. The result is a blanks that is charged easier, a rod that bends freely down the reel seat and gives you more punch and feeling with less use of force. All of the talented fly casters who have tried our rods, have given us the same, positive feedback: Free Flex rods are working right down into the palm of the hand, they have a deeper action, providing increased range and greater feeling.The world's most exciting and innovative rod concepts are under development. Soon you will be able to see and feel the difference. Look forward to it.